King and Queen Vs King and Pawn: Some exceptions you need to know (+ Video)
Simple exceptional position

King and Queen Vs King and Pawn: Some exceptions you need to know (+ Video)

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Nov 5, 2018, 6:36 AM |

Hello my chess friends. I wrote once the most important and basic aspects about King and Queen Vs King and Pawn at 7th endgame. Probably, you should already know that this ending is winning for every pawn, excluding rook and bishop pawns. For those pawns, the result of the game depends of how far is the other king, and we got these diagrams:


                                                    Winning king squares for rook pawn


                                                 Winning king squares for bishop pawn

If the king is in one of those squares or closer to the pawn, it will be winning.

In this post I bring some positions, where the king is out of that “Good Zone”, and even though, the side with the queen can win the endgame. These are the four exceptions that came to my mind (maybe there are some others; you are welcome to write them in the comments).


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** (Right click in the question mark (?) to see the solutions, also it’s all explained in the video)

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4 

It’s important to say that for bishop pawn, when the defensive king is in the wrong side of the pawn (the side of the central files, where there is no Stalemate), then the Good Zone will be bigger, like this:


                     Winning king squares for bishop pawn, with defensive king in the "wrong side"

That’s why in Position 4, White is winning.

 “Every rule has exceptions. And this “Good Zone” rule, isn’t the exception to that exceptions rule”

Don’t forget that!!! 

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