Learning with Artistic Endgames 4
White to move

Learning with Artistic Endgames 4

FM michechess89

Hello my chess friends. In this post we are going to analyze another artistic endgame and I will try to explain it so you understand every line. Almost all my friends and students hate studios, but, for some reason I love them, that’s why I created this series in which I share the best ones I find on the way.

Artistic endgames are very helpful because you will have to calculate accurately, which is really good. This kind of exercise also teaches you to see what many people can’t see and expect for what few people expect for.  Let’s begin.

By the way, I found the whole solution this time (by myself).


Let me know in the comments section if you love or hate artistic endgames.   

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(**Position taken from “Domination Artistic Endgames”, Kasparian)


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