Learning with Artistic Endgames 5 (+ Video)
White to move

Learning with Artistic Endgames 5 (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hi everyone. Here you have another artistic endgame. It was created by Gorguiev and published in 1930. I think this one is not as tough as some others we have seen in this series, but I find it very interesting. The way black defends in move one is also surprising and just makes the endgame even more beautiful, and also the way White wins with the subtle last move, just doing nothing, maybe just controlling f7… I find it very nice.


Everything is explained in this video


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 Let me know if you had to watch the video to see the answer, or just to check it. 

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 “Artistic endgames are very helpful because you will have to calculate accurately, which is really good. This kind of exercise also teaches you to see what many people can’t see and expect for what few people expect for.”

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