Most Amazing Move in Chess History (+ Video)

Most Amazing Move in Chess History (+ Video)

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Hello chess people. Which is the best move in chess history? In this post I am going to answer that question (well, I am going to try). Actually is too complicated, but today I bring a game with a great winning move, something different, something you have never seen before.

Topalov was playing White, as Shirov Black. It was Linares 1998. The endgame is not only fantastic, it’s also very instructive, so I am doing my best to try to understand and explain what happens here.

Move number 47, Black to play. The second player is better, but if nothing special happens, White has some good possibilities of getting a draw because of the different color bishops. This is the moment of the game where Shirov found one of the most amazing moves in chess history. Did you already find it? I don’t think so .

In this short video I analyze this beautiful endgame

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And this is the whole game.

The move was so wonderful, because it’s literally the last move you (and I and most people) would think about. I am sure there are some other great moves in history, feel free to comment about this or any other game with a fantastic idea. 

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