Short vs Timman, 1991: The King commands the Battle (+ Video)
King in the action

Short vs Timman, 1991: The King commands the Battle (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hello my chess friends. This is a fantastic game where Short won with a supernatural idea, something completely different. I won’t say anything, just look at the video or the board and enjoy it.

I keep posting once every week. I would love to do it more often, but as you know, I have been very busy last month (really busy, not playing soccer as I have said joking in some previous posts ). I will play Carlos Torres Memorial this week (you already know it’s a great opportunity for me to get the third IM norm and the Title). This is a dream come true, since I was a child I wanted to play this tournament, and now I can do it for the first time. When I come back I will write a little more often.


In this video you can find variations and explanations for the game.

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For the people who read my posts and watch my videos, next Monday I won’t be able to publish because of the tournament, I hope you understand. But when I come back from Mexico I will reward you with new stuff. I will be posting something like “I did it!!!” if I got the IM norm, or perhaps something like “Maybe next time”, if I didn’t

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