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Hello What is triangulation? Why do I have to triangulate? How do I know when I have to triangulate? Those are some of the questions we are going to try to answer in this post. I will explain it with my own words, trying to be clear and using easy vocabulary. Let’s begin.

Triangulation is a maneuver made by the King, describing a 3 squares triangle. You are not going to have to do it every day, but it may appear in some of your endgames from time to time. The most normal thing will be to find it in pawn endings, but, actually, it may happen in some other kind of endings.

You will know that you have to triangulate when you see that it is your turn to move, but if it was your opponent’s turn to move, you would be winning, because all his possible moves will be bad (he will be in Zugzwang). This means that we are going to triangulate, when we want to lose a tempo.  

Let’s see 2 examples:

Example 1

Example 2


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