Find the Powerful Move #10

FM MichiganEagle
Jun 12, 2014, 8:11 PM |

This is the move I am most proud of from all my games in the St Louis event. It came at the most critical moment of the tournament, too.

Backstory: going into round 8, I was half a point behind the tournament leader, IM Ron Burnett. Furthermore, I needed to score 1.5 in my last 2 games to get the IM-Norm. I already knew who my opponent would be in the last round - the highest-rated seed of the tournament, IM Bregadze - a man who had skinned me alive the previous two times we had played. I would have black in that game.

Winning with Black against someone of Bregadze's class would be a daunting task. If I was to have any hope of scoring the IM-Norm or winning the event, I had to win in round 8.

Enough talk. Here's the position:

I do not have the world's best computer nor the fastest, but today I let it run on this position and my move did not make its top ten list of best moves. Once I play the game continuation, its eval starts going up!