Find the Powerful Move #29

FM MichiganEagle
Sep 9, 2014, 3:03 PM |

We're still looking at games from the 2014 Michigan Open.

This next one I hesitated over including, because the computers are not impressed (the evals do not change much). However, I am fairly confident the decision made in the game was the correct one and that it presented White with the most difficulties to solve over-the-board.

The starting position is hovering very closely to "Slightly better for White" and just flat "Equal". The tournament situation dictated that Black must win this game, so your challenge is this - dig deeply into the position, really try understand what is going on (there are a TON of subtle ideas just below the surface), and then come up with a move/plan/idea that presents White with the most possibilities of going wrong. I believe my move fits this description but if you disagree, feel free to state your opinion in the comments section.

And now here we go: