A Modern Defense with c5 and f5!?  Can Midna hold it down??

A Modern Defense with c5 and f5!? Can Midna hold it down??

Aug 6, 2017, 5:04 PM |

I played a 15/10 standard game tonight and got paired with a 1700 player for the first time.  Yikes!  Umm wasn't expecting that!  Although I know my chances aren't so good against someone 200 points higher rated than me, I did feel some fire inside and I was up for the challenge.


The opening was a Modern Defense with moves I had never seen before.  c5 and f5!? in the opening???  Apparently, this is theory but I was out of book on move 4... lol  That being said the opening transposed into a Benoni-esque position with Benoni-like ideas.   Stop b4.. Try to get e4 in in one move.. Play for e5??  But the normal plans take a turn when my e4 push results in a pawn lost and a suddenly open board and wild positions!  


I managed to snag the pawn back with a pin down the b file and I was back in business!  I don't doubt that I could have found much more accurate play, but I'm fairly happy the game traded down into a 2 result end game.. a win or a draw for white!  A two v one rook and pawn end game though is a theoretical draw I think (maybe someone can help me confirm) and so with less than a minute on the clock, we repeated moves and I claimed the draw and took my 4 ratings points...hehe  What a wild and fun game though and I was probably lucky to survive!  Well, I certainly was according to the computer..  Enjoy!  happy.png  





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