A Mouse Slip Trap! (Morra Accepted)

A Mouse Slip Trap! (Morra Accepted)


Hey there,

Stacia here and I wanted to share another recent training game I played on our favorite chess site.    I'm currently on a mission!  I have set an ambitious to goal to reach 1700 by the end of the year.  I am currently 1559 and looking to play many training games in an effort to accomplish this.  141 points to go!  

In this 15/10 standard game I was analyzing a funny move; Bd5!? seemingly sacrificing my bishop.  I calculated that the sacrifice was working, but what if he refused it?  Well, in the case my bishop would be silly and I'd have to move again and lose a tempo.  I was considering other moves when I tried to draw an arrow and instead played Bd5!?!?  So I guess the trap was set to my dismay!  Horrified, the game goes on and it's an exciting one.  I hope you enjoy!  And please please, be careful when drawing arrows.    Lesson learned!  haha

The game is played in real time in the video with full analysis directly after.    

Happy Checkmating!


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