A Scandi gone wrong... yikes

Jul 23, 2017, 6:23 PM |


I play black in this Scandi gone wrong. My queen ends up locked in on h8 with my King (they like to cuddle?) and I rely on counterplay in the late middle game for chances. Craziness ensues!


There comes a time in the Scandi for a timely queen retreat.  And it's important.. very important!  My opponent could have punished me severely but missed the combination.  So I was off the hook for the moment... Queen problems persisted though and my queen went on a nice journey Qxd5 Qa5 Qxf5 Qh7 Qh8!? where she stayed the rest of the game haha  My chess coach is going to kill me.  


Without my queen I manage to hold things down and get a lot of pressure on a central pawn.  White defends and creeps near my King when my knight breaks loose!  He was on a mission I tell you.  But with my queen never leaving h8 is it even possible to survive?  Check out the video below which includes a full analysis and instruction on how black can be punished if they wait one tempo too long for the timely retreat!


-Stacia happy.png