A Scary Attack (King's Gambit Declined)

A Scary Attack (King's Gambit Declined)



Stacia here.  It is Halloween so I thought I would share a game that had me shaking in my boots.  There I sat in the warmest of company, with a new friend, Lisa Sharon, who I met at the Cleveland Senior Chess Club which I help run through Progress With Chess.  Lisa is a sweet lady and an unrated but thoughtful chess player.  We discovered we both have an affinity for red wine and thought hey, wouldn't it be fun to go out and try some red and play some chess?  I couldn't think of a more pleasing idea.    

We played two games but it's the second one that haunts me in my sleep.  I haven't known Lisa to be a ferocious attacker, but I really feel like I disturbed a grave and woke up the terrible spirit that lurked within.  You would think that a Bxf7+ tactic winning the f pawn or stealing castling rights would be winning for white, right?  But my dream turned into a nightmare and now I share the scary story with you.  Watch at your own risk.  

Full analysis in the video.  

Happy Halloween!


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