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An ill timed e4 break in the Slav Exchange

An ill timed e4 break in the Slav Exchange

Sep 17, 2017, 3:05 PM 0

This was a 5/5 blitz game, but I think its still good to learn from these as there are usually instructive moments.  I don't think blitz is good in general to learn, but since I'm addicted to it I might as well try to learn something yes?  happy.png  hehe


In this game I forfeited the 2 bishops a bit too easily and mistimed the thematic e4 break.  Black had the disruptive move b4 through most of the middle game.. something to watch for!  But luckily, I was not punished as I could have been.   I also missed the great move Bc7!  Often the dark square bishop turns out to be a great piece in this opening (aww i love him! <3) and specifically the c7 square.  I'm a little bummed I missed this move which in this case would have won an exchange.  


Despite some suspicious play though, white has a strong advantage after a tactical oversight by black and the game goes in the direction of an end game where white is simply material up. I hope you enjoy and if you have anything to add please let me know.  Thanks!  -Stacia



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