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Attacking Chess #2 - The Unopposed Bishop

Attacking Chess #2 - The Unopposed Bishop

Dec 17, 2017, 5:38 PM 2

If you are like me when you hear opposite color bishops the first thing you do is fall asleep (haha jk), but joking aside while opposite color end games are often drawn, opposite color bishops in the middle game can mean the attack is just more vicious!  

In this video we look at a game where white has a vicious attack utilizing his dark square bishop who is unopposed. As a result, even the great GM Ivanchuk has a tough time finding a defense with the black pieces.




This is the second video in a series which focuses on attacking chess moves and ideas (something I personally need to work on). The featured game, Zurab Azmaiparashvili v Vassily Ivanchuk (Tilburg 1994), is presented in the book Mating the Castled King by Danny Gormally (great book!) on pg. 9.

As I continue my studies in this book I will post more videos and blog posts on the most interesting stuff I stumble across as I go. Please like, subscribe and comment if you wish to make me happy. Or if you wish to make me sad please leave your best heated insults in the comments and I will struggle with if I should respond or delete (haha jk). Happy attacking to you!



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