Attacking Chess!!  Queen in the Castle

Attacking Chess!! Queen in the Castle


Fox in the hen house!  oh wait... I meant queen in the castle.    hehe

Hi there.  This is Stacia and I hope your attacking spirit is ready for some more action because we are going to continue looking at attacking ideas this month!   Today's idea is Queen Breakthrough to h7 and if you don't know what I mean, and you don't, I mean that a queen appearing on the h7 square is usually so strong, that you can sacrifice material to accomplish this goal.  Once that queen gets in, the King can either hold his ground (and get checkmated) or run for his life (more attacking fun for us!) White to move in this illustrative example.  

And now let's witness this idea in action in a real game.

And now that you see the power, let's understand it fully (my favorite) by conducting a full analysis in the video.  There's always more to these positions than meets the eye, but no worries I will guide you through the game and all the key variations!    

This month I'm focusing on a wonderful book entitled Mating the Castled King by GM Danny Gormally which has inspired and guided this series.  I highly recommend it if you do not have this in your chess book repertoire.  

Also, just a heads up but I do sometimes cover openings on my channel and I have one scheduled to come out Sunday morning at 11am on the King's Gambit Accepted Modern Defense.  If you'd like subscribe to my channel so that you'll be notified when it comes out.

Hope you enjoy and learn something!


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