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Chess Trap #4 - Hand caught in the cookie jar? (Queen's Gambit)

Chess Trap #4 - Hand caught in the cookie jar? (Queen's Gambit)

Nov 14, 2017, 6:11 PM 0

This is my other favorite trap line in the Queen's Gambit featuring a pawn sacrifice this time, and if black takes the cookie white wins with a beautiful combination! I mean, who doesn't like cookies? lol  


This is not only a fairly common position, but the same idea of sacrificing the b pawn followed by Rb1 is a motif you will see in many other openings as well so I hope this is helpful.  It's just particularly crushing in this line in combo with another star move!  But enough cookie talk... video is below!  -Stacia



The other trap line featuring a crushing queen sacrifice:

Chess Trap #3 - Devastating queen sacrifice in the Queen's Gambit!


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