Chess Underground 5:  Stacia Pugh [PODCAST]

Chess Underground 5: Stacia Pugh [PODCAST]


I was recently featured on the Chess Underground podcast for my questionable life choices as a retired real estate developer gone professional cornhole player & chess professional.  If it sounds a little crazy, it's because I'm sure it is.     But despite the craziness it's at least slightly legit.  I've made several ESPN appearances playing cornhole and was even featured on Live with Kelly and Ryan for this throwing bags at a hole stuff.  Also, brought in about $12,000 so far this year from cornhole winnings & sponsorship alone, so I guess it's kinda working?   Played in a tournament with $250,000 in prizes even!  Didn't get a big pay day that time, but I am hopeful that I may be able to at some point.  

Anyway, the funny thing is that I actually prefer chess!  Anyone who reads my blog posts or watches my videos knows I am very passionate about chess for sure, but I'm not very good at chess yet so I don't know if this is interesting, but I thought I'd share.  Enjoy!  Or at least have a giggle at my expense.    haha 

Chess Underground Podcast

Don't know what cornhole is?  Didn't know it was a professional sport?  Well, it is a recent development to be sure!  Here's the sizzle reel.     I actually am really excited to be part of all this.   The American Cornhole League is doing an incredible job promoting cornhole and turning it into a real thing.  

ACL Sizzle Reel

Want to see me in action?  Here's my highlights from last year.  Yeah, I'm pretty good at throwing bags at a hole. lol

Anyway, so sorry to subject you to all that.  More chess coming soon!  I have lots of chess content coming up.  Thanks for putting up with me! 

-Stacia <3

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