Creation of a Monster

Creation of a Monster


Hey there,

Stacia here and I'm at it again with another training game on my quest to 1700 by the end of the year (which is going badly I might add!).  In this 15/10 standard game I face the Caro Kann and answer it with........ a Panic Attack!!!  Ummmm wait, that's what I get in time pressure, I played....... the Panov Attack!     That's better.

Although I felt a little scared in this opening when my opponent sprung an aggressive Qa5, putting immediate pressure on my position, there was a little pawn with big ambitions on my team, quietly biding his time.  A backwards pawn on c3 usually isn't something to be excited about, but when that pawn shoves his way onto the c4 square attacking the opponant's queen and then muscles his way onto c5 and c6!  Well, yes, my friends, that is the creation of a monster.  At that point, properly supported, that pawn was probably worth at least a piece, perhaps the game, or so I'll argue.    I hope you enjoy this story; the creation of a monster.  

Full live game and analysis in the video!  

Happy Checkmating!


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