Faced With a Weird Line (Smith-Morra Declined)

Faced With a Weird Line (Smith-Morra Declined)


Hey there,

Stacia here and I wanted to share another recent training game I played on our favorite chess site.    In this 15/10 standard game I was taken out of book early when my opponent declined my gambit in an interesting, but strange new way.  It seemed dubious to me, but turns out the line is actually theory!  Shows what I know.  

When my opponent is willing to accept double isolated pawns, I like to take them up on that!  But with open lines can come an open game where piece activity reigns supreme.  Can your hero (that would be me I hope ha) navigate the weirdness and come out on top?  In this video you witness me actually playing the game and my thought process during it (much like the last one).  I hope you enjoy it!  I know I did.    I like some weirdness in my life.  

Full analysis in the video!  Also, this is only the second time I've done a video in this format where I take you guys with me in my training game and I commentate while playing.  Let me know if you prefer this or the usual post-game analysis.  Of course I still analyze after as well!  I can't really help myself.   

Happy Checkmating!


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