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How to defend against white's early dark square attack!

How to defend against white's early dark square attack!

Aug 14, 2017, 8:03 AM 2

This is a new series I'm doing on lessons I discover during blitz games. Blitz is not as helpful for an improving player like myself, but if you can learn at least one thing from your games then it can still be beneficial. I will share notable lessons I come across from my blitz games.

In this game white attacks early with the Bf4 Nb5 combo which I've seen a lot from lower rated players. I was careless and played Nbd7 which makes my usual defense to this impossible, but I stumbled upon a new interesting maneuver with Bb4 check that not only defends but gives black a nice position! Discover it with me and we will learn together. happy.png

And as always, if you are a higher rated player thank you for watching and please provide input if you would! I love to hear from you guys and improve my knowledge and my videos. Please like, subscribe and comment! Ty!! -Stacia

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