Isolation (Benoni Defense)

Isolation (Benoni Defense)



Stacia here.  I wanted to share a game of isolation, and of course by that I mean the IQP (Isolated Queen Pawn).  In this 15/10 standard training game I played here on the wonderful, I knew that black was striving to play d5 in this line, but saw it would result in an isolated pawn.  I think in the past I would hesitate greatly to take on a position like the one in the game.  

Although the isolated pawn might be lonely without any pawns to back him up, the other members of the team celebrate his bravery!  The queen and bishops love the open diagonals.  The knight eyes the beautiful e4 and c4 potential outposts.  The rooks even thank him in advance for extra open files or perhaps the opportunity to strengthen him and push him into enemy territory to attack.  So he may be lonely, but he is not alone.   

In this particular game my isolated pawn gets taken off and in return my opponant instead bears an isolated pawn.  If the pawn is strong, white is doing well.  If not?  Well, have a look at the game and learn with me.    

Full analysis in the video!  Also, I'll note that this is the first time I've done a video in this format where I take you guys with me in my training game and I commentate while playing.  Let me know if you prefer this or the usual post-game analysis.  Of course I still analyze after as well!  I can't really help myself.  I hope you enjoy!  

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