Miniature #1:  Playing the Scandi... as White!?

Miniature #1: Playing the Scandi... as White!?


This is the first in a new series I've been wanting to do for awhile where I will analyze interesting quick or blitz games played solely for the purpose of learning.  

In this 3/2 game on I play 1. e4 and face something interesting... the Scandi!  As a Scandi player myself, I have been nearly foaming at the mouth for the chance to punish Scandi players who may not know all the threats I am fully aware of!  One of those threats is to sack on e6 in this game.  But is this really the right plan?  Well hey, let's try and find out!  And if there are defense resources or certain conditions to look closer at, we shall learn those for next time.  :)  You never lose if you learn!  hehe

Enjoy the game  :)

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