Moving Too Fast! (Benko Gambit & Alapin Sicilian)
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Moving Too Fast! (Benko Gambit & Alapin Sicilian)


Hey there,

Stacia here and I'm at it again with a two for one sale in honor of Cyber Monday! I'm on a quest to get to 1700 before the end of the year and I better hurry so here I present to you not one training game, but two with the same theme. 

If you know me, and you don't, then you would know that my biggest issue is time management.  I am terrible.  I get immersed in the game and forget about my clock, or sometimes I'm just plain indecisive, but you won't criticize me for playing too fast, that's for sure.  But in light of that, especially OTB people will play against me on the clock, making quick, easy moves which is a great thing to do, until it isn't!  This first game is a prime example.  

And here's another.  This time my opponant played just fine, but I got over excited about his plan to put a knight on c4, surely a worthy accomplishment!  But not as good as checkmate unfortunately.

Enjoy the live games being played with commentary in the videos!  Full analysis follows.  

As always... Happy Checkmating!


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