Stacia plays attacking chess! (Please don't LOL at me)

Stacia plays attacking chess! (Please don't LOL at me)

Nov 26, 2017, 8:51 AM |

Well, I am not an attacking player I must admit, and it's a huge weakness in my game.


I play the Scandinavian and often I get just what I want... a boring, solid setup; a lot of trade in the middle game, and a slightly better end game.  yay chess!  lol  But what happens when I don't get that?  Seems like if I am going to get to that next level as a chess player, I need to add this to my game...


Well, I've been studying the gxf6 lines of the Scandi because I sort of am forced into them sometimes and with a pawn structure like that, you won't be liking the end game anymore!  Sooo when I go into those lines, I'm forced to try to find dynamic play and attacking moves.  *Try* is a good word there.  happy.png  


Well, I got exactly that yesterday and in a tournament game no less!


So yesterday I played the Parma Open (4 games of G45;d5) and very first game I played a friend of mine and a lower rated one at that.  Mitchell is rated 1275 USCF and although he's not to be underestimated, I do score very, very well against him (my rating is 1515 USCF); something like 13 wins out of 16 or something?  Well, we got the gxf6 Scandi I mentioned and I did my best to attack, but I still ended up with a draw.  He defended, he forced a trade of queens, and after that I had that worse end game I feared.  Against someone more than 200 points lower rated than me, I was lucky to get a draw.  


Where did I go wrong?  



What can I hope to learn from this game so I can attack better next time?  is the gxf6 line dubious??  (it scores really poorly in game explorer).  Short video of the game is above and any advice is appreciated!  Thanks in advance... and no lols at my lack of attacking skill please..hehe  


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