Standard #29: The Face Off (against my own coach!)

Standard #29: The Face Off (against my own coach!)

Nov 5, 2018, 2:46 PM |

This is Round 7 (and the final round) of a USCF rated tournament game from the Parma Chess Championships. (G90;d5).  I played the black pieces against Jim Antoline, my chess coach!

Jim takes on my Benko Gambit with f3 (the Dlugy Variation) which creates a bit a daunting pawn chain and it's up to black to figure out how to break it down and not get strangled. Although he was determined to take a win from me (as per usual) I was ready for a fight and a dynamic game results!  Will the the teacher put his student in her place?  Or will the student become the teacher! Watch to find out.  ha

Enjoy the game.  :)

*annotated without the use of an engine
*full analysis available in the video

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