Standard #35:  A Center Worth Defending
The Last Kingdom

Standard #35: A Center Worth Defending


In this USCF rated game from Parma Chess Club I face another King's Gambit Declined but venture into new waters with 4. c3!  a line which intends 5. d4 taking the entire center!  The problem is that in this line, although you do accomplish an impressive d4 e4 f4 shield wall, black has many ways to attack it.  If white can dodge these threats however and get in the correct pawn break, white will break through with a nice game and a crushing attack.

I don't recall a 1. d4 opening with such a complex middle game filled with threats and possibilities.  I hope you learn as I am from these types of positions. 

Enjoy the game  :)

My initial thoughts prior to analysis with the engine, but full analysis in the video:

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