Standard #40:  Take Me to the Bank (Benko Gambit Declined)

Standard #40: Take Me to the Bank (Benko Gambit Declined)


Here I present to you a strategical game in a Benko Gambit Declined played in July 2019.  The early decline novelty my opponent played threw me off early, and perhaps resulted in a time disadvantage, but later he drops his c pawn giving me a clear edge with the black pieces.  A Benko up a pawn?  That's like cash money!  I'll take it!  $$$

Unfortunately, there is compensation for my opponent in the form of the c4 square available to his knight and he makes use of it.  A queenside battle ensues and my a-pawn comes under heavy fire.  My opponent also takes over the b-file with initiative and I struggle to survive. 


  Hope you enjoy and learn something with me!

-Stacia <3 

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