Standard #41:  To Check or Not To Check? (French Tarrasch)

Standard #41: To Check or Not To Check? (French Tarrasch)


Hi!  I thought I would share an instructive tournament game I played at the Solon Summer Fireworks Tournament last weekend.  It was a rough tournament for me and yes, this game was a loss, but why?  My opponent was a kid named Kevin Yang, who played 14 moves of theory with me and took me head on in an open (and kinda scary) middle game.  

As the title might suggest, I eventually was faced with a critical choice.  I had two ways to win back a pawn.  One of the ways came with check and involved a trade of pieces.  The other way was a neat looking retreating move.  I remembered the saying, "A patzer sees a check, a patzer plays a check!"  Does that mean I shouldn't mindlessly check??  Well, yes, but it might still be the best move.  See if you can figure it out!  Unfortunately for me, I choose the wrong path and only one kept an advantage for white.

Some thoughts in the pgn but full analysis is computer checked in the video!  

  Hope you enjoy and learn something with me!

-Stacia <3 

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