Standard #42:  The G File of Doom (King's Indian Defense)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Standard #42: The G File of Doom (King's Indian Defense)


Hello, Stacia here!  I wanted to share an interesting game I played with the white pieces at the Parma Chess Club back in May of this year.  My opponent was Steven Kirkendall, who was about 150 points higher rated, and who advised me he was going to try and avoid my opening knowledge even before the game.  Well, I must admit, he successfully did that and I found myself on the white side of a King's Indian Defense.  

Usually, when I see this opening I fianchetto my king bishop and black break with c5 and play ensues on the queenside, but here, I finally face a Nakamura style attack.  The G file of doom opens and when it does I felt like Indiana Jones trapped on the bridge.  lol

Some thoughts in the pgn but full analysis is computer checked in the video!  

I hope you enjoyed and learned something with me!


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