Standard #45:  Defending Against an Unsound Attack (Three Knights)
Kingdoms of Camelot

Standard #45: Defending Against an Unsound Attack (Three Knights)


Hi, Stacia here!  

It's a funny thing when you have a rather plain looking position and suddenly BOOM... your opponent hits you with an unexpected attack!  It can be a little jarring, especially if you felt it was something you should have seen coming, but if you determine the attack is unsound (as I did in this game) then you should be pretty happy.  Material is material after all, and if your opponant wants to give you a piece, well you should take it, defend and win!  

That's what I intended to do this game.  To my surprise, the computer showed me the attack was even meeker than I thought and gave me a new defensive idea to keep in mind next time someone hurls a bishop into my castle.   

Full analysis in the video.  

I hope you enjoyed and learned something with me!


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