Standard #46:  Rawrr!!  Stacia Accomplishes Her First Sac Sac Mate!

Standard #46: Rawrr!! Stacia Accomplishes Her First Sac Sac Mate!



Stacia here.  I wanted to share a game that I played recently on  This was a 15/10 training game and an interesting one to be sure.  You may know that I reached 1791 USCF as the most passive, careful player ever, having only ever played 1. d4 in my short career.  Well, since January this year I have switched to the NM Joelson & IM Blocker school of chess, which caused me to not only switch to 1. e4 but to switch to all gambits!  So the intent is that I get a better chess foundation out of this, and learn how to play more aggressively.  Certainly it will be needed if I'm going to reach 1900 USCF right?  (and eventually become a titled player!  No, seriously, I'm giving it a try)

So this game I think is a nice culmination of what I've been learning.  Stacia plays an aggressive gambit and it culminates into a Fischer theme ending... Sac, Sac, Mate!!  My first time ever doing this for sure!  So if I sound excited it's because I am.  haha  Strong players might think this is pretty basic, but it's still fairly new to me and my goal is to become a very well-rounded versatile player.  I think this game shows some improvement despite my loss of rating as of late. I could NEVER have played a game like this a year ago!  I will talk more about that, but for now enjoy the game.    And if you have any tips, I'm always appreciative!  

Full analysis in the video.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something with me!


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