Standard #47:  Punishment in the KG (King's Gambit Accepted)

Standard #47: Punishment in the KG (King's Gambit Accepted)


Hey there, 

Stacia here and I thought I'd share a tournament game played recently in the Parma Championships.  This is a game where my opponent misplays the opening and is begging for punishment!  Despite having a winning advantage the game simplifies into an end game where I'm two pawns up and my opponent has counter-play, but surely I had more!

In this game my lackluster continuations were enough to pull out a win, but often the types of moves I missed are the only way to hold an advantage or win a game.  Let's explore these ideas together so we can see how to exact precise cutting moves against our opposition!

Full analysis in the video.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something with me!


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