The Lulls (and lols) of a Mysterious Exchange Sacrifice(?)

Jul 1, 2017, 4:38 PM |

In this King's Indian Yugoslav System  I "won" an exchange with a simple move.  Game over I was thinking!  Ummm, not so simple.  To my surprise the computer said the position was dead equal after this transaction.  And quickly you see why... black's knight turns into Mr. Pesky, I lose a pawn, my structure gets damaged and my "won game" feels not so winning after Mr. c pawn find himself a clear road to the queening square.  


Will I navigate my way through these issues or will I have to take home my light square bishop and flog him.. bad bishop bad!!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this imbalanced game and if you can give me some tips all the better!  happy.png 


Happy chess,