The Sky Walker (Urusov Gambit)

The Sky Walker (Urusov Gambit)


Hey there,

Stacia here and I'm at it again with another instructive training game.  In this 15/10 standard game I play SkyWorker2005 who played more like a "Sky Walker" who hits me with the Urusov Gambit!  Exciting stuff.  I accept the pawn and it's on like Donkey Kong!  lol  

Although we both manage (barely) to dodge the tricky threats in the opening, the game enters a typical Petroff type pawn structure situation where the best plans will win.  I have to admit I got outplayed this time, but let's learn about the best practices in these positions.  The computer even points out a pretty neat pawn sacrifice I wouldn't have considered!  You never lose if you learn, so learn with me.    

Full live game and analysis in the video!  

In addition, I recently played the King's Island Open and played  up in the U1900 section.  Unfortunately, I took a hard 0 in 4 that event.  There's a few reasons for that I think, and I'm planning a full review on the tournament as well as my improvement strategies for the coming year.  It's been a tough year for my chess but also a year of growth that cannot be quantified in terms of rating.  My hope is that will tell in the long run!  I'll do a full narrative on that coming up.  I'd actually love to hear what you guys think.  Thanks for reading all this if you did!  

And as always... Happy Checkmating!


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