Winter Flashcard Session With Stacia

Winter Flashcard Session With Stacia


Hello my chess friends,

I hope you had a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!  Today I'm going to share my Flashcard Session with you guys.  Every month I have a theme for my morning studies and this month my theme is No More Petroff! It's a pretty sad theme for me, because just a few months ago my theme was to learn Petroff.   But my chess trainer,  IM  Calvin Blocker, said I was banned from playing it, so here I am once again messing with my openings.  Ugh!  No doubt this will continue to hurt my results (and my rating), BUT he promises that long term playing more open positions will improve my chess, and I agree.  

So it was time for me to join the rest of the chess world and play 2...Nc6! against the King's Knight opening and face the likes of the Ruy Lopez and the Italian and the Scotch and everything else under the sun I know nothing about.  Eeek!   So that is the theme of this Flashcard Session featuring some of the most critical things I've discovered during my morning studies this month, and I hope you enjoy it!  

This session is the 2nd I've done this month (you can find the first one HERE) features just 5 flashcards with the following themes:

#6 Scotch Game Failed Knight Manuever

#7 Scotch Game Thrilling Double Sacrifice Line!

#8 A Ruy Lopez Holiday Pawn Grab

#9 Ruy Lopez Opening Quiz

#10 Pawn Grab Line Candidate Move Identification

I have rated the difficulty of each card 1-3 stars, 1 being easy and 3 being difficult.  The color of the knight indicates whose turn it is.  I've made it so you cannot move the pieces just like a real game!  Or like a book study, so I encourage you to solve these in your mind.


Scotch Game Failed Knight Manuever

Black played Ng4? after being kicked by e5, hoping to grab the pawn.  

What happens if black takes the pawn on e5?


Scotch Game Thrilling Double Sacrifice Line!

Why is Nb4?? a losing move?


A Ruy Lopez Holiday Pawn Grab

Can white win a pawn with Bxc6?


Ruy Lopez Opening Quiz

What is this opening called?

And what are white’s moves against this?


Pawn Grab Line Candidate Move Identification

Name 5 candidate moves for white to play against Qd5!

These would need to be calculated before black could play it!

Solutions are provided at the very bottom! BUT if you want full explanation please watch the video.

Let me know how you did!  And also, if I missed anything or you have further comments about these quizzes I'd love to hear.  Thanks!

-Stacia <3

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#6 Nxe5?? Re1 no way out of the pin

#7 Bg5! wins!  if Qd7 Nf6+! gxf6 (forced) Bxh7+! Kxh7 Qh5+ Kg8 Bxf6

threatening mate with no defense

If Qe8 same thing

if f6 (best try) Nxf6+! anyway gxf6 Bxh7+ Qh5+ Kg8 Qg6+

this attack is also too strong

#8 White cannot win a pawn:  Bxc6 remove the defender dxc6 Nxe5 Nxe4! Qe7 Qd5! (crazy position to figure out but will be equalish with correct play)

#9 Ruy Lopez, Berlin, Beverwijk Variation

c3 Zukertort Gambit, d3, Nxe5 Fork Trick Variration, Nc3 Four Knights Transposition

#10 moves to analyze are Nxf7?, Nf3, Nd3 (best move), Nc4, d3, d4, c4, b4, Nc3