Whats with this ! Who abused whom??

Dec 28, 2011, 5:08 AM |

This is called the real shit! round up Fucking abusing

I entered the chat room "debate" in chess.com and this is what i find.

The chat pops up clearly written above in the top of the chat box is 
This room may contain offensive chat.
However, illegal, racist, lewd, or other extremely offensive behavior will result in being banned from Chess.com. "

selenajones: or maybe he would kick rockys butt

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: VT what u do is also trolling

thatoneguyagain: you rich domain?

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: so gtfo

VT_00: Rocky, go away....you are boring

selenajones: wait....how did all this start, anyway?

Domain: Me? I'm not paying you to fight anyone.

thatoneguyagain: so you are rich then?

selenajones: i will pay you to go to main hall.

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: VT go tell ur parents to get away . i am not ur property u dumfuck

VT_00: selena, all males in the room started fighting over attention of such a lovely lady as yourself

Domain: I'm not involved, I'm just watching.

( Yeh he is cool, he won't interfere, he likes to see the urguments and abusing)

VT_00: ...wait...that's not what happened

Domain: This trainwreck.

selenajones: well, the sight of blood, makes me horny..

thatoneguyagain: tell me something peeps

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: VT u fuking loser thers a block button if u dint know

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: go ahead and block people who think are trolling

VT_00: Ha...now he got upset his troll-bait failed on me

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: rather acting like a saint here

thatoneguyagain: if i did come up with a way to go to india and fight him you'd still call me stupid wouldn't you?

VT_00: man....is this your 1st time trolling?

selenajones: rocky, why dont you block HIM? that would shut him up

VT_00: You are not good at it

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: fukin loser

Domain: thatoneguyagain, yes, he would.

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: i dont block no one . cuz i can handle any kind of shit

VT_00: Why would you even consider going to India to fight some kid from a chess site?

VT_00: Are you kidding me?

selenajones: rocky only knows 2 words, and 1 of them is "fuck"

thatoneguyagain: so no one cares about my fighting ability then rocky do they?

VT_00: "Rocky_Balboa_Spirit : i dont block no one . cuz i can handle any kind of shit"

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: VT no one kidding u

VT_00: whoa..whoa...we've got a bad*** over here

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: u want some come get some

selenajones: dont mess with the best, cos the best dont mess

VT_00: Sorry, I don't involve myself in altercations such as above with women, children, elderly and disabled

VT_00: and you probably fall into the "children" category or disabled

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: i would murder u and throe ur body into a gutter and no fuking authority would ever know 

               ( duh, He won't give up either,'one man Army)


VT_00: Shall I say....Yawn?

selenajones: or both

enj0y: anyone can do that

thatoneguyagain: rocky can i ask you a few questions just so i understand where you're coming from?

(what the fuck do you mean where you are coming from???? This is serious side abusing,its anational sentiment

Migang04: :( come on guys... whats this all man

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: u dont know whom ur messing with if u ever come to my area

enj0y: but many get caught ...funny thing

thatoneguyagain: rocky?

VT_00: Rocky, I told you...you really have to work on your trolling...the harder you try the more you fail

VT_00: come on ...I am trying to help you.

Migang04: hey whatever i had been observing please both side stop this...

enj0y: trolling is trolling because it is trolling

selenajones: yes, stop it, rocky..its getting embarrassing.

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: fuk off

selenajones: take some advice from the master of trolling, me.

Domain: Yep no one would know even though you just announced it here on chess.com where chat is logged along with your IP address.

enj0y: lol

thatoneguyagain: rocky how old are you? no hidden agenda with that question?

Migang04: Hey domain..: why are you moderator here...

VT_00: You didn't really think I would get mad at some 15 year old kid from India if he repeats "I will murder you" 3 more times on a chess site

thatoneguyagain: no question mark needed on the second sentence either but to late

VT_00: right?

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: domain u think u can do anything to me with ur logged chat i challenge u to get me behind bars'

Domain: Rocky, that's not my job.

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: this aint ur america son

thatoneguyagain: rocky how old are you?

Domain: Your own actions and carelessness may do that, however.

VT_00: "Rocky_Balboa_Spirit : this aint ur america son ", say what?

enj0y: lol

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: ROFL

Migang04: stop it guys

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: i cant stop laughing at ur empty threats

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: bullshit

selenajones: domain, why dont you mute rocky for 30 mins? can you imagine how pissed off he will be when he gets back? that would be funny.

Domain: selenajones, it won't be the first time.

thatoneguyagain: rocky i'm probably the only one who still believes you might actually be worth a shit in a fight so how fucking old are you?

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: 23 strong

selenajones: hes 12

VT_00: selena, you just love to incite drama, right?

VT_00: I always see you trying to instigate something here

thatoneguyagain: 23. you've said that before. i believe you even if they don't

selenajones: well...i consider that a integral part of my duties as a troll.

VT_00: 23? You have got to be kidding me, no more than 15

Rocky_Balboa_Spirit: stop trolling VT

thatoneguyagain: i've watched him in main hall and here, whenever asked he says 23. if he's lying he's a good troll. you should know he's not vt

selenajones: 23 can be young too, especially if hes retarded, which he clearly is

thatoneguyagain: if he was a good troll even you would be irritated

Migang04: enough... leave it.. duh.. really this is disgusting hey domain... cut the short of all this... thats not fair that amoderator involves in petty urguments.. doesn't concern who ever wrong it may be

enj0y: lol

VT_00: How do you "cut the short" ?

enj0y: welcome
( No thanks you are more then enough, to mess up the chat room)