Tactics: simple and other
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Tactics: simple and other

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Yes, I have a habit of looking back at most of my blitz games after playing them. The main focus is on openings, but not exclusively. So, below is a selection of tactical positions from my games over the last two years.

The positions vary considerably in their difficulty - from rather trivial, straight wins at the beginning, to more complex examples in the later games.

There are 11 games overall. They include one, where I did not find the best solution (it’s also the only example from OTB, not online chess) and another one, which was played in an online rapid, not a blitz tournament.

If you are able to solve all these positions without any wrong answers along the way, you surely have the potential to be an IM or higher ... if you aren’t one already. Good luck!

All games:

June 2017: very glad with the news that my new chess book, Understanding the Sicilian, is released!

Understanding the Sicilian


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