Anna Muzychuk's Great Gibraltar Game
Photo: Gibraltar Chess Festival

Anna Muzychuk's Great Gibraltar Game

GM Mikhail_Golubev

Below I'll provide rather a serious analysis of Anna Muzychuk's brilliant win from the final round of the Gibraltar tournament. But first, two quotes about the game:

Anna Muzychuk, 31 Jan 2020:

Shared 3rd women's place at Gibraltar Masters. Not a result to be proud of but yesterday I did play one of the most beautiful games in my career which was also recognized as the best game of the tournament.

Gibraltar International Chess Festival in Twitter, 31 Jan 2020:

Congratulations to Ukrainian star Anna Muzychuk on winning the "Go G Best Game prize" at @GibraltarChess
The highest rated woman player at the event, Anna, won this award for her fantastic win over Ori Kobo in round 10. Anna wins £1000 as the Best Game Prize