The first GM Bogdanovich Memorial

The first GM Bogdanovich Memorial

GM Mikhail_Golubev

The Stanislav Bogdanovich Online Memorial was quite a strong online blitz tournament with prizes. On 13th February 2021, winners of three qualifiers and invited players (134 participants overall) competed in a 14 round Swiss with a time control 4+2.

Top final standings:

Full results:

According to regulations, two top scorers played an additional match for the first place. Anton Korobov defeated Baadur Jobava, 2.5-0.5.

My own play in the final was rather poor: 6.5/14 without any particularly good games. Still, I annotated one of my wins.

See 40 top rated games of the finals:

All games from the Bogdanovich Memorial finals are available in The Week in Chess (issue 1371).