Three memorable games from Tatiana Morosova

Three memorable games from Tatiana Morosova


The chess master Tatiana Morosova (1943-2021) has passed away in Odessa.

In the last decades of her life she was known as a passionate chess coach, and author of two chess books and non-chess online works.

She was a strong player and became Ukrainian champion in 1970. She also played in five USSR women's championships where her best result was 5th place in 1977.

Please find three memorable games, mentioned by Morosova herself in the TV programme Shkola Chempionov (produced by the program host Ivan Yurkovskiy and I), her interview appeared on October 18th, 2013.

As of now, only one of these three games, vs Karolyne Honfi, can be found in the ChessBase online database.