Undeservedly Forgotten. RIP Gennady Kuzmin

Undeservedly Forgotten. RIP Gennady Kuzmin

GM Mikhail_Golubev

RIP Grandmaster Gennady (Gennadi) Kuzmin 1946-2020

My obituary: https://www.facebook.com/mikhail.golubev/posts/10217031314443803  or http://chess-news.ru/node/26820 (Russian language)

Kuzmin has won many tournaments, but this crosstable of the Soviet championship, which he didn't win, possibly shows best what kind of player he was in his prime, the 1970s.

(Source: graeme.50webs.com/chesschamps)

Below is one of Kuzmin's most spectacular games. He won that whole strong open tournament in Turkey but, scandalously, wasn't paid his high 1st prize...