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Learning to Play Chess: Weekly Analysis #5

Learning to Play Chess: Weekly Analysis #5

Apr 27, 2015, 9:54 AM 0

Attacking is hard. I have been spending time working on trying to organize and execute midgame-endgame plans and a lot of that has revolved around how to attack my opponents position. Last week in one of my games I showed a fairly good attack but I missed an important move that would have led to a win and instead ended up with a draw.

This game I tried to set up a strong King-side attack and missed a lot of chances for successful moves that would allow it to work. Despite a few blunders, and many inaccuracies, I was left only slightly behind in the endgame.

Trying to play strong attacking games is fun because I feel like I am active in the game. And I always feel that making aggressive mistakes is better than passive ones.

Anyways, here is another weekly analysis. I played as black in a Scandinavian Defense.


Besides missing a lot of moves during the attack, I realized how lacking my endgame is. Which is a lesson that I seem to be learning every week. I am working on endgame material and hope to get better as time goes on, it has just been a slow process.
As usual, if you have any questions, comments, or want to play some games with me, feel free to comment below or PM me. Thanks!

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