Millionaire Chess Is On the Move!

Feb 16, 2015, 6:42 AM |

Hello everyone!

We hope you are staying warm, wherever you are in the world. We are bubbling over with excitement as we have some wonderful news to share. Read on!

New Deal with Caesars Entertainment!

After some long and intense negotiations, Millionaire Chess is happy to announce that we have a signed a deal for the Millionaire Chess Open to be a part of the Caesar's Entertainment ( worldwide family of hotels for at least three more years! Our intention is to always host MC events in top-notch venues where our players will feel well-respected, and committing to at least one Millionaire Chess Open per year through 2017 with one of the biggest hotel and entertainment brands in the world is a firm step in that direction. We are extremely grateful for all the publicity and encouragement our company has received over the past several months, and we look forward to hosting high-quality chess tournaments to help raise the awareness of this beautiful game for years to come. See you at Planet Hollywood this October!

Another Deal - This One With Sunset Lane Entertainment!

Spreading the word globally about Millionaire Chess is one our top priorities, and we are excited to announce a new promotion deal with Sunset Lane Entertainment ( to pitch Millionaire Chess to television networks and other entertainment venues. The New York-based production company has produced some of the biggest shows in entertainment, including the Radio Disney Awards, the 15th Annual Webby Awards and YouTube Music Awards, just to name a few.  Stay tuned for details!

Ratings Rules Update

For those of you who might have missed it, Millionaire Chess has dramatically simplified the rating rules for the 2nd Millionaire Chess Open. Instead of using multiple ratings in all the sections, now only one rating will predominate for each player. In the Open, a player's FIDE rating with no adjustments will be the lead metric. Only in the odd case that a player of that caliber does not have an international rating will their rating from other systems be considered. In the other sections, the USCF rating will be the primary one used, with other ratings being considered again only in special cases. Most importantly, players no longer have to worry about a small increase in their rating possibly causing them to be bumped out of a section since their peak rating at the time of registration will be locked in, except in special circumstances. For more info on the new rating rules, go to

Celebrity Chess Tournament?

On Thursday, Maurice was invited to play in a fun spades tournament hosted by NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade. The party was attended by some big names in basketball and entertainment, including All-Stars Chris Bosh, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, actress Gabrielle Union and singer Beyonce. Maurice’s team got knocked out in the Final Eight, but he enjoyed the evening immensely. With business ever on his mind, he has already thinking about the day he could host a Celebrity Chess tournament at the Millionaire Chess Open! Hey, a guy can dream!

To see pics from the event, feel free to visit his FB page at:

Warmest Regards,
Amy Lee & Maurice Ashley