Newsletter #52: MC3 New Location & Other News

Sep 15, 2015, 7:04 PM |

New location next year!

Millionaire Chess is proud to announce that we will be at a new location next year. Though Planet Hollywood was a great venue and Las Vegas is unquestionably an exciting city, it has proven to be quite challenging in a number of ways. The next site for our tournament will have more space to accommodate the bigger numbers we are expecting based on planned changes to our format. It also has even more beautiful décor, is brand new, and will be in a part of the country with a greater concentration of chess players. We will let everyone know the exact site of MC3 during our upcoming tournament in October. Till then, you’ll have to wait!
Confessional Booth
An exciting innovation will be coming to MC this year. The Confessional Booth, first tried at Norway Chess 2015 and later at this year’s Sinquefield Cup, has proven to be a hit with fans and players alike. We are happy to say that MC2 will be the first Open tournament to include it in a broadcast. It works like this: Players are allowed to go into the booth at any time during their games and discuss how they are feeling, how they think their game is going, and whatever else comes to mind. Video will be captured live or edited for play in later rounds. Not every confession will be televised; only the best of the lot will make the air. The booth helps to bring a game to life in a unique way by actually allowing the audience to see into the minds of the players real-time. With over 550 players already signed up to the event, who knows what crazy things will be said?!
Closing in on 50
There is no greater proof of the Millionaire Chess Open being an international event than the number of foreign players who make the long trip to Las Vegas to play in the tournament. The number of countries now represented stands at 47 as of this writing, only 3 short of the magic number of 50. Surprisingly, faraway India leads the pack by far, with their 17 players more than doubling Canada’s eight. The number of Grandmasters in the tournament also is closing on 50, with 45 of the world’s best players ready to fight for the $100,000 first place prize. We are crossing our fingers that the next two weeks brings in those final few countries and GMs. The number 50 will be sweet indeed!

Warmest regards,

Amy & Maurice

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