Newsletter #58 ~ Website Now Live!

Mar 17, 2016, 6:25 AM |
Atlantic City

After months of preparations and a couple of rough patches along the way, the Millionaire Chess Open website is finally ready! We are excited to begin the journey to our third edition, and we are happy that we will be able to push ahead on this grand venture to help promote chess to a broader audience. We have learned much in the past two plus years, and we will continue to work hard using our hard earned knowledge to make our tournament a top-notch experience for all our participants. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and there is still much left to do.

Important changes

MC3 will showcase some real distinctions from the last year’s event. Here are a few snapshots of those key differences:

1. We’ve moved to Atlantic City to take advantage of the much higher representation of chess players along the eastern seaboard.

2. After taking a poll of our players, we are distributing prizes down to 40 places, up from 20 last year.

3. Using the same poll results, we are returning the time control of all sections back to 40/120, SD/30 and d/5.

4. We are introducing the Redemption Jackpot, where players with a 50% or worse score after 4 rounds will be able to vie for a new prize based solely on the result of their last three games.

5. We are introducing a Dream Maker Satellite Series that will give players the world over the opportunity to win a slot in our event by playing in a tournament in their local area.

6. We have automated the entire registration process to reduce any confusion about ratings and sections.

7. We have removed Unrated and Provisionally rated players from all sections except the Open.

8. We completely removed the Unrated section from last year.

9. We’ve extended the minimum number of rated games required to participate in our event from 50 to 60.

10. We have changed the registration schedule in order to make it easier to better screen all players who have entered the event.

We encourage everyone to study these changes and more on the website here. Registration begins April 1st. Looking forward to seeing you at MC3!

Best wishes,

Amy and Maurice