Astrology and Chess

Mar 9, 2014, 3:32 AM |

I wrote last year an article Astrology and chess, which explained why and which astrological aspects could be ''responsible'' for someones talent for the chess and there was also a statistical evaluation of different groups (young girls U8 from the world championship in Maribor, the group of the first seventy women chess players on the FIDE ELO ranking, etc). It was shown that according to the statistical Fisher's test these two groups were statistical different regarding the astrological aspect Mercury square Uranus (p < 0,05).

In the article also all three Polgar chess players were anaylsed and it was shown that all three possess significant astrological aspects which gave them the talent for the chess and the achived ELO rating for all three is in line with the power of these astrological aspects.

The article was published in Slovenian chess magazine Šahovska misel (vol 7-8, 2013).

Now, I finish the article with the title: ''Astrološka razlaga kako naj bi bil Kramnik bolj neugoden nasprotnik za Kasparova kot Kasparov za Kramnika'' - translation is: Astrology reasons why Kramnik was more unpleasant opponent to Kasparov than vice versa.