Mimchi vs Martinez #1

Nov 14, 2011, 10:54 PM |
In the first round of this tournament, my opponent played a very dodgy opening as Black. I feel I consolidated well, and I came into the middlegame with a solid 3-pawn advantage. However, my opponent had very active and annoying counterplay. He had used up a prodigious amount of time on the clock on the 10th move, and so I sought to play quicker to make him lose on time. His nagging pressure allowed him to make a draw eventually, but he continued to play on. Unfortunately, he claimed a draw later, but that rule no longer existed. In the end, with 3 seconds left on his clock, I won on time.
Thoughts for next round:

I am never happy to win a game in this fashion. I feel like I drew the game even though I won. Next round I will try to win a decisive game, and I will continue to play aggressive chess. But I will try to consolidate better if I find myself winning. Furthermore, I must research these "dodgy" openings such as 2...Bf5 for Black. I'm sure against proper handling they will offer Black nothing. I should be more comfortable playing these "pressurized" positions.