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Mimchi vs Miles Game #2

Mar 14, 2011, 10:43 PM 0
Going into Round 2, I was playing to win, especially as White. However, even getting a large positional plus out of the opening couldn't persuade me to headhunt. I was constantly checking variations and seeing ghosts. I kept reacting to my opponent on the Kingside instead of playing aggressive chess on the Queenside. I shouldn't be so nervous regarding calculation or the opponent's resources. And by God, I missed 18.exf4!?  Also, I nearly went out of my mind anticipating ...f5 when it was bad for him! I seriously feel like a beginner. I am still too jittery when I play OTB. A boxer must learn not to be nervous when someone punches at him. So too, I must be calm under fire - or anytime. Yet another draw; my last several games I've played have all been draws. Next week I must persist: No more draws (unless it's really a draw). And if it is a draw, play it out. But no more of these kid-games. Either win or lose.

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