Mimchi vs Sneed #3

Nov 28, 2011, 8:38 PM |

In the third round, I was finally able to use my beloved Catalan against an 1800+ player! Right out of the opening I regained my pawn and felt I was way better, but I didn't see a clear way through. After some innacurate and slow moves by my opponent, I switched my army over to his barren kingside. Trying to defend left him low on time, and I was able to land several accurate (to my surprise!) sacrifices. In the end, Black had about 5 minutes left on his clock and was about to be mated, so he resigned.
Thoughts for next round:
I am glad an opponent was willing to actually fight me in an Open Catalan! Even though the whole game I knew I was better, I wasn't 100% sure that my sacs were accurate when I played them. I must learn how to evaluate a position more accurately. I am very happy I am now tied for first with Schwarz! If I play him next round, whether with White or Black, I must play ultra-aggressively. These simple openings will give me nothing substantial to work with. I feel I am not afraid of playing main lines anymore. Which is a great feeling! You either win or go down in flames ... which is how chess should be played.