Need Titled players for Team Chess

Feb 7, 2009, 8:28 AM |

Hello everyone,
i want to ask if any titled players here have ever been on the chess server
otherwise known as FICS. There is a league on there for team chess, where teams have 6 players
and play 4 boards per round "so players can have rounds off if so desired." You play 1 game per
week with a time control of 45 45... "45 mins with a 45 second increment". the competition is tough
as the open section "currently with 9 teams, 53 players" has 38 players rated 2000+, 3 IMs, 9 FMs
and 6 NMs. "unfortunately no GMs yet." It is an excellent prep and study opportunity for stronger
players. I wish to ask any titled players from if you might consider joining their
site and joining my team. here is why. there is a team that has won the last 2 seasons and will
probably win again. they are running theirs mouths about how no one can compete with them.. my
desire is to make a team capable of shutting them up. their top 2 boards are both IMs and their
board 3 player is an FM with a 2060 player on board 4. i have been told by an FM friend of mine
that he would play on our team and i am trying to contact other GM-IM-FM-NM level players about
joining the effort to shut Euro mouth up.. lol.. u can visit then click on
"teams" on the left side and see what level players r on the top 2 boards in the open section so
u will know the level of ur probable opp. the format is so that u recieve a message informing u of
ur opp on tuesday and then u and ur opp have 7 days to schedule the game and play it.. and like i
said, it is only one game per week against players 2000+. it is great fun and interesting to chat
with players that are at ur level of play from around the world. just asking you to consider it,
check it out and let me know... i can explain how to join as the name says
"it is 100% free".


Jonathan Lindsey "MindCrime"

P.S. my handle on is MindCrime(SR)(TM)(TC)

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Tournament Manager

Team Captain